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Our firm has more than 45 years experience in providing guidance to individuals, partnerships and business, both large and small.

Civil Litigation, Contract Enforcement, Debt Collection and Human Rights Litigation

We can provide assistance if you have been wronged and would like to bring your matter to court, or if a Claim has been served on you and you need help defending it.

We provide debt collection and contract enforcement services and can also assist you if your matter has not yet reached the stage of litigation and you would like to attempt to avoid the cost of taking your matter to court through negotiation or mediation.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We have acted for clients in the following matters:

  • estate litigation
  • human rights law before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • commercial litigation
  • debt collection
  • contract enforcement
  • municipal hearings before the Ontario Municipal Board
  • real property matters
  • construction lien claims
  • family law – divorce, custody and support matters


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Our practice is built on hard work…

but also on integrity, decency, compassion, wisdom, courage, innovation, and idealism.When we practice law this way we benefit not only ourselves, but more importantly, you.

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Your firm, on a scale of 1 to 10, is an 11! Outstanding!
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